Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 10.27.42 AMActress Vicki Marie Taylor, a southern gorgeous talent is working hard to light up screens as she pushes forward with her career in mainstream and independent film. Vicki Marie Taylor has appeared as a guest on the Howard Stern Show and hosted shows on the Playboy channel appeared in various publications around the world and is now staring in a new project alongside Science fiction actor Richard Hatch and one of the original Horror scream queens Brinke Stevens in a new politically driven science fiction project titled the Silicon Assassin. Vicki stars as one of the three main characters Lady Twilight. The role was written specifically for Vicki who got the role by pure and total coincidence while attending a Dragon Con Convention in Atlanta. The last project that she was on also starred Richard and also starred Godfather actor John Martino.

For someone who just recently started pursuing this side of entertainment she is certainly receiving some breaks proving that she has what it takes to bring the fire and the heat to audiences nationally and internationally . Vicki grew up a fan of horror and science fiction and has been watching both as far back as she can remember. “My mom and I used to watch the original Nightmare on Elm Street and Poltergeist together” and as a very young child she learned all of the thrills associated withhorror films. She cites Rosemary’s Baby as her favorite horror film of all time and Labyrinth as her favorite fantasy and science fiction film.

Vicki also grew up loving music and is into bands such as Marilyn Manson,The Cure,Orgy, and also likes early 80’s r&b acts such as Sheila E. Vicki has encountered some opposition while trying to battle her way into the industry and says that she is up for the battle and whatever it takes to prove herself onscreen. She received a Catholic education and a bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and a minor degree in film studies. She studied films because of her fascination for the history of the industry!

Vicki has a promising career. She is also into politics and a supporter of the N.R.A. She has plans to work with gun rights advocates in addition to her budding independent film career. Look for more Vicki Marie Taylor coming soon to a screen near you.


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